AIM Screening

The Pre-employment Screening Application (PSA) was developed for AIM Screening and designed to systemise and automate their candidate screening process.

AIM Screening’s requirements for the software required it to:

  • Deliver an increase in AIM Screening’s operational efficiency
  • Provide a flexible structure that would allow administrators to define a range ‘screen’ types
  • Automate the transfer of data from the PSA to AIM Screening’s accounting system
  • Improve financial and operational management by incorporating controls, milestones and alerts
  • Provide client, operator and subcontractor performance measurement tools
  • Offer a client interface where the client can order, check status and download completed ‘screens’ online
  • Provide a candidate interface for the capture of data, including document uploads
  • Provide a secure and reliable application environment
Employment screening screenshot
Employment screeening screen shot 2

We developed the software as eight modules, each with a number of subsystems (self contained program components).

The ‘Screen’ Processing module accommodates all the screen processing functionality including user access, a catalogue of different screens types for operators and clients to select from, selecting and customising the screen interface, costs and currency adjustment and search and sort features.

Additional functionality includes an HTML Editor, email interface, ‘screen’ reports and auto text tool to simplify data entry and improve accuracy.

A Client Contact Management module provides records of client contacts and enquiries and tracks correspondence to and from clients.

The Screen Maintenance module allows different screen types to be offered by the system without having to reprogram the application. Performance Management, Maintenance & Utility and Client and Candidate interfaces are other key modules include in this application.

Employment screeening screen shot 3
  • Secure access
  • Attractive and easy to use interface
  • Catalogue of different screens types
  • ‘Screen’ templates containing a variable number of ‘screen’ components
  • ‘Search and sort on ‘screen’ records and ‘drilldown’ into the full detail of any selected record
  • Currency rules management
  • HTML Editor and AutoText tool
  • Client Contact Management (CRM function)
  • Financial data export
  • Alerts, Management Reporting and Audit records
  • Staff, customer and subcontractor performance management
  • Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery

The PSA is a web based application to allow global client and candidate access, it has been developed using standard Microsoft technologies; .NET 2 Framework, SQL Server 2008, IIS 7 Web Server and SMTP Mail Server.

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