Renault Eurodrive

Renault Eurodrive is a car leasing option for those embarking on an extended touring holidaying in Europe. Customers can choose from a range of brand new Renaults or Dacias and organise vehicle pickup and return at any of 29 Renault Eurodrive Locations across 9 European countries.

Developing an online booking and payment system for Renault Eurodrive's car leasing business presented a number of challenges:

  • Multiple vehicle brands, models and variations
  • Complex pricing models and availability limitations
  • Multiple pickup/drop off depots (with individual pricing requirements and depot restrictions)
  • Multiple promotion, discount and offer rules
  • An 'Agent' site with separate booking module

In addition, after booking and paying online, clients should be able to sign pre-populated vehicle lease forms and submit all support documentation online.

Renault Eurodrive screenshot
Renault Eurodrive screenshot 2

Drawing from Renault Eurodrives’ existing manual processes we designed a simple 4 step book and pay process supported by a variety of ‘administration’ tools which allow Renault Eurodrive to manage every aspect of their vehicle fleet, depots, bookings and promotions.

A striking, new, user friendly site was designed with supporting content developed by our design team.

A complex ‘promotions’ system was designed by the development team. This enables ‘Campaigns’ to run globally across all or be limited to a select number of vehicles, depot and date variation to be specified. This system also allows concurrent use of voucher codes and discounts.

eWay was chosen as the payment gateway provider allowing real time payment processing and eliminating the need to store sensitive details within the local Renault Eurodrive environment.

Customers sign their dynamically generated PDF lease forms (populated by information collected during the online ordering process) online. A copy of the signed lease form is attached to their order confirmation email. Customers may upload support documentation at the time of booking or log on later via the Booking Review area to complete this task.

Renault Eurodrive screenshot 3
  • Striking, user friendly site design
  • 4 step book and pay process
  • Fast, secure payment processing
  • Online signing of car lease documentation
  • Full vehicle and depot administration
  • Flexible promotions, discounts and voucher system
  • Booking management tools
  • Document management tools
  • Customer access to the Booking Review area
  • Agent bookings
  • Agent booking system

Microsoft ASP.NET4, JQuery and some third party components. Microsoft SQL Server database.

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